Apple Vision Pro 2: A Closer Look at the Expected Release Date

Speculation about the release of Apple Vision Pro 2 has been circulating, and it seems that we may not have to wait as long as initially anticipated. While Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that we will need to be patient for at least 18 months, I believe there are compelling reasons why we could see the second-generation Apple Vision Pro sooner than expected.

Firstly, we can look at Apple’s previous product launches for some insight. History has shown that Apple’s release timelines are not always consistent. For instance, there was a 17-month gap between the first and second-generation Apple Watch. Similarly, the AirPods only received an update over two years after the initial launch. However, there were exceptions like the original iPad, which saw a new iteration after just a year. Taking these patterns into account, it is plausible that Apple may expedite the release of Vision Pro 2.

Moreover, the limited availability of Apple Vision Pro in the U.S. suggests that Apple might want to ensure a broader international release before introducing its successor. While Apple has confirmed a 2024 release in additional territories, a December launch seems unlikely. In fact, there are indications that countries like the U.K., Canada, and maybe even more will receive Vision Pro much earlier than expected.

Contrary to speculations by various sources, including Ming-Chi Kuo, who suggested a possible 2027 release, it is crucial to consider multiple perspectives. Kuo initially mentioned the potential for a lower-cost version of Vision Pro in 2025, but recent reports indicate that this may no longer be the case. However, this does not necessarily mean that we will have to wait several years for the second-generation device.

Considering all these factors, my prediction is that we can anticipate the arrival of Apple Vision Pro 2 in September or October of 2025. Of course, it is important to stay tuned for further updates as we approach the expected release date.

In conclusion, while initial estimations pointed towards a longer wait, the dynamics of Apple’s product launches, international sales considerations, and varying reports all hint at the possibility of an earlier release for Apple Vision Pro 2.

苹果Vision Pro 2发布的猜测一直在流传,但似乎我们可能不需要等待那么久。虽然彭博社的马克·古尔曼表示我们至少需要耐心等待18个月,但我认为有充分的理由相信我们可能会比预期更早地看到第二代苹果Vision Pro。

首先,我们可以参考苹果以往的产品发布来了解一些信息。历史表明,苹果的发布时间线并不总是一致的。例如,第一代和第二代Apple Watch之间有17个月的时间间隔。类似地,AirPods在初始发布后两年才更新。然而,也有例外,比如原始iPad在仅一年后推出了新版本。考虑到这些模式,苹果可能加快发布Vision Pro 2的步伐是有可能的。

此外,苹果Vision Pro在美国的有限供应表明苹果可能希望在推出后继产品之前确保更广泛的国际发布。虽然苹果已确认2024年在其他地区发布,但12月份的发布似乎不太可能。事实上,有迹象表明英国、加拿大甚至可能会比预期更早地获得Vision Pro。

与包括郭明錤在内的各种消息源的猜测相反,郭明錤曾暗示可能会在2027年发布Vision Pro,我们需要考虑多个角度。郭明錤最初提到了2025年可能推出Vision Pro的低价版本,但最近的报道表明可能不再是这种情况。然而,这并不一定意味着我们需要等待几年才能获得第二代设备。

考虑到所有这些因素,我的预测是,我们可以在2025年9月或10月期待苹果Vision Pro 2的到来。当然,在接近预期发布日期时,注意关注进一步的更新是很重要的。

总之,虽然最初的估计指向了较长的等待时间,但苹果产品发布的动态、国际销售考虑和各种不同的报道都暗示了苹果Vision Pro 2可能提前发布的可能性。

1. Apple Vision Pro 2: 苹果Vision Pro 2,苹果的第二代Vision Pro产品。
2. Bloomberg: 彭博社,一家国际商业新闻机构。
3. Mark Gurman: 马克·古尔曼,彭博社的记者,擅长报道苹果产品。
4. Ming-Chi Kuo: 郭明錤,知名的苹果分析师,通常在苹果产品方面提供消息和预测。

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