Apple Vision Pro VR Headsets Face Returns Due to Comfort and Lack of Killer App

Apple’s Vision Pro VR headsets, priced at $3,500, are already being returned by some buyers just days after purchase. The most common reasons cited for returns are comfort issues such as headaches and motion sickness. The weight of the device, with most of it concentrated at the front, has also been a problem for users. In fact, some users have even reported burst blood vessels and redness in their eyes after using the headset. The discomfort has made wearing the headset for even short periods of time unbearable for many.

These returns highlight the challenge of mass-producing wearables that fit everyone’s unique body and preferences. Comfort is often compromised when trying to cater to a wide range of users. This is evident in other wearables like smartwatches and smart rings, where issues such as size and weight can affect the overall experience. For smart glasses and headsets, individuals with low nose bridges may struggle to keep the device in place or block out unwanted light.

Apart from comfort issues, another complaint voiced by users is the lack of a compelling application or productivity features for the Vision Pro. Some users have experienced dizziness when looking at certain screens or have found the headset to be incompatible with their work needs. The lack of productivity and entertainment options, along with the high price tag, has led some to question the justification for keeping the device.

Despite these concerns, it remains uncertain how much of an impact this subset of early adopters will have on the future of the Vision Pro. While some users have expressed their willingness to try a second-generation model, others have emphasized that the key issues lie in the device’s lack of a killer app and comfort. The return rate and Apple’s internal expectations for the product remain unknown.

As Apple continues to refine its VR headset offerings, the challenge of striking the right balance between comfort, functionality, and a killer app will be crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction and adoption.

苹果的Vision Pro VR头戴式设备售价为3500美元,购买后几天,一些买家已经开始退货。退货的最常见原因是舒适性问题,如头痛和晕动病。该设备的重量主要集中在前部,这也是用户们遇到的问题之一。事实上,一些用户在使用头盔后甚至报告出血和眼睛红肿的情况。这种不适让很多人连短时间内佩戴头盔都难以忍受。


除了舒适性问题,用户们还反映的另一个抱怨是Vision Pro缺乏引人注目的应用或提高工作效率的功能。一些用户在观看某些屏幕时会感到头晕,或者发现头盔与他们的工作需求不兼容。缺乏生产力和娱乐选项以及高昂的价格,使一些人质疑继续保留该设备的合理性。

尽管存在这些问题,尚不确定这些早期采用者对Vision Pro的未来会产生多大影响。虽然一些用户表示愿意尝试第二代的产品,但其他用户则强调关键问题在于设备缺乏杀手级应用和舒适性。退货率和苹果公司对该产品的内部期望仍不得而知。


Important terms to define:
– VR headsets: VR头盔
– return: 退货
– comfort issues: 舒适性问题
– headaches: 头痛
– motion sickness: 晕动病
– burst blood vessels: 爆血管
– redness: 眼睛红肿
– wearables: 可穿戴设备
– smartwatches: 智能手表
– smart rings: 智能戒指
– low nose bridges: 鼻梁低
– compatibility: 兼容性
– productivity features: 生产力功能
– high price tag: 高昂的价格
– killer app: 杀手级应用
– adoption: 采用率

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