Discover Affordable Tech: Exploring the World of Second-Hand Phones

While Apple, Samsung, and Google entice tech enthusiasts each year with their latest device releases, many people feel pressured to constantly upgrade their phones. However, staying up to date with the newest iOS or Android software can come at a cost of nearly £1,000.

Samsung’s latest offer for the Galaxy S24 Plus, which includes a free pair of Galaxy Buds 2 Pro headphones, is undoubtedly eye-catching. Similarly, Sky Mobile’s deal on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, saving shoppers over £300, is hard to ignore. Although both offers still require spending more than £900 on a new phone, there must be a more cost-effective way to acquire a shiny new device.

One member of our team discovered just that when she purchased an iPhone 14 Pro for £206 less than the market price. She stumbled upon a little-known section of the EE website, away from the usual brand-new deals and flagship launches. Here, the retailer sells phones from their “used stock” at a fraction of the original price.

“I found an iPhone 14 Pro listed in Grade A condition for £894,” said Rachel Sloper, our savvy shopper. “When it arrived, it was as good as new, complete with the box, accessories, and not a scratch on it. It even came with a warranty, providing peace of mind when buying a used phone. Pairing it with a SIM-only plan has saved me a significant amount of money compared to a pricey contract.”

While Apple no longer sells the iPhone 14 Pro, it can be sourced from other outlets such as Amazon for £999. The introduction of the iPhone 15 range caused prices to drop, as Apple debuted four new models last autumn. However, eager buyers can still find these devices in the EE “used stock” section for a much lower price.

For example, a brand new, old stock 256GB iPhone 15 Pro Max can be purchased from EE for £1,149, £50 less than Apple’s current price of £1,199. The device is in pristine condition and comes without being tied to a fixed contract. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is available for £399 on the EE site, which is £300 cheaper than the standard Samsung store price.

EE’s used stock site stands out from other providers as it allows customers to buy phones outright, avoiding potential data limitations or unexpected price hikes. Moreover, other retailers such as Amazon Warehouse, Back Market, and GiffGaff Refurbished also offer second-hand phones.

If you’re looking to upgrade your handset, check out our roundup of the cheapest iPhone 15 deals and stay updated on Apple’s latest news for its Spring 2024 launch. We’ve also selected the best Apple products to buy in 2024. Open your mind to the world of second-hand phones and discover affordable technology solutions.

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三星最新的Galaxy S24 Plus优惠,包括一副免费的Galaxy Buds 2 Pro耳机,无疑非常抢眼。同样,Sky Mobile在iPhone 15 Pro Max上的优惠让购物者节省了300多英镑,也很难忽视。尽管这两个优惠仍然需要花费超过900英镑购买新手机,但必须有更具成本效益的方式来获得一个全新的设备。

我们团队的一名成员发现了这一点,当她以比市场价格便宜206英镑购买了一部iPhone 14 Pro时。她偶然发现了EE网站上一个不知名的部分,远离通常的全新交易和旗舰发布。在这里,零售商以原价的一小部分出售他们的“二手存货”手机。

我们聪明的购物者Rachel Sloper说:“我在‘二手存货’中找到一个条件为A级的iPhone 14 Pro,售价894英镑。” “当它到达时,它看起来和新的一样,配备了盒子、配件,完全没有划痕。它甚至还带有保修,购买二手手机时提供了安心感。与昂贵的合同相比,搭配SIM卡套餐为我节省了大量的钱。”

虽然苹果不再销售iPhone 14 Pro,但可以从亚马逊等其他渠道购买,售价999英镑。iPhone 15系列的推出导致价格下降,因为苹果于去年秋季推出了四款新机型。然而,渴望购买者仍可在EE的“二手存货”部分找到这些设备,价格要低得多。

例如,可以从EE以1149英镑的价格购买全新的、老款的256GB iPhone 15 Pro Max,比苹果目前的价格1199英镑便宜50英镑。该设备处于完好无损的状态,并且没有与固定合同绑定。此外,三星Galaxy S21在EE网站上售价399英镑,比标准三星商店价格便宜300英镑。

EE的二手存货网站与其他供应商有所不同,它允许客户直接购买手机,避免了潜在的数据限制或意外价格上涨。此外,其他零售商如亚马逊仓库(Amazon Warehouse)、Back Market和GiffGaff Refurbished也提供二手手机。

如果你想升级你的手机,查看我们的最便宜的iPhone 15交易回顾,并了解苹果最新的2024年春季发布的消息。我们还精选了2024年购买最佳苹果产品。打开你对二手手机的视野,发现负担得起的技术解决方案。


1. 为什么很多人觉得需要不断升级手机?

2. 有什么更具成本效益的方式来获取新设备?

3. 苹果和三星的最新设备有哪些优惠?
三星提供的Galaxy S24 Plus优惠包括一副免费的Galaxy Buds 2 Pro耳机。苹果提供的iPhone 15 Pro Max优惠能节省购物者超过300英镑的费用。

4. 苹果和三星的最新设备在EE的“二手存货”部分有售吗?
虽然苹果不再销售iPhone 14 Pro,但可以从其他渠道购买。EE的“二手存货”部分有iPhone 15系列的设备,价格相对较低。

5. EE的二手存货网站与其他供应商有什么不同?


– iOS:苹果公司开发的移动操作系统。
– Android:由Google开发的移动操作系统。
– Galaxy Buds 2 Pro:三星推出的耳机产品。
– SIM-only plan:只包含SIM卡的计划,不包含手机。
– Grade A condition:优秀的商品状况评级,表示商品完好无损。


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