Meta Introduces New Payment Process for Boosted Posts on Facebook and Instagram

Meta, the global social media giant, is making changes to its posts boosting mechanism on Facebook and Instagram. Instead of allowing users to boost posts directly through the iOS app, Meta is now advising users to visit the official website on smartphones or desktops to avoid the 30% service charge imposed by Apple.

In a recent announcement, Meta stated that starting from this month, users who utilize the iOS app to boost posts will be billed through Apple, with the tech giant retaining a 30% service charge on ad payment before taxes. This change is in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines set by Apple.

Complying with Apple’s guidelines or removing the ability to boost posts were the only options the company had. However, Meta stated that removing this feature would have a negative impact on small businesses, as it would make the boost posts feature less discoverable and potentially deprive them of a valuable way to promote their business.

To offer an alternative for users, Meta is allowing the option to boost posts via desktop or internet browser, with the features remaining the same across both platforms. Boosted posts are considered a “low-barrier-to-entry” advertising tool that allows businesses, especially small advertisers, to promote their content without the need for a full-fledged campaign in Ads Manager.

In addition to the change in payment process, Meta also highlighted that businesses using Instagram and Facebook’s iOS apps will now have to “pay in advance.” This means they will need to add prepaid funds to their accounts in order to boost posts. This new payment process is currently being rolled out for users in the US and will be expanded to other countries later this year.

Overall, these changes aim to navigate the service charge imposed by Apple and provide users with alternative options to boost their posts effectively on Facebook and Instagram.


Meta最近宣布,从本月开始,通过iOS应用来推广帖子的用户将通过苹果结算,苹果将在税前广告费用中保留30%的服务费。这个变化是为了遵守苹果制定的App Store评论指南。





Key Terms/Jargon:
– Meta: 全球社交媒体巨头
– boost posts: 推广帖子
– iOS app: iOS应用
– service charge: 服务费
– compliance: 遵守
– App Store Review Guidelines: App Store评论指南
– small businesses: 小型企业
– discoverable: 可被发现的
– valuable way: 宝贵的方式
– prepaid funds: 预付款项
– alternative options: 替代方案

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