Visa Launches New Technology to Transform the E-commerce Landscape

Visa Inc (V) has unveiled innovative technology aimed at revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. This new technology will enable retailers to access more detailed customer preference information, leveraging their shopping history. By securely transmitting this data using Visa’s proprietary tokens, which safeguard the connection between consumers’ bank information and merchants, Visa ensures the highest level of data protection.

At a recent technology conference in San Francisco, Visa CEO Ryan McInerney emphasized the impact of token technology on consumer transactions. Although many consumers may be unfamiliar with the technology itself, they have already experienced the benefits, as it enables smoother and more efficient transactions.

In a bold move to enhance the overall shopping experience, Visa’s new offerings leverage the power of AI-driven interactions by utilizing vast amounts of data. This enables retailers to provide personalized and tailored experiences for their customers.

In addition, Visa is introducing a facial recognition payment system similar to Apple Inc’s Apple Pay, which can be used across all browsers and mobile devices. This payment system aims to further streamline the transaction process and ensure a seamless payment experience.

To simplify payment processes for US consumers, Visa has partnered with Affirm Holdings Inc (AFRM) to introduce a single credential for multiple payment methods. This successful initiative, already popular in Asia, allows banks to add new products to a consumer’s account without requiring new account numbers or additional cards.

Industry analysts have recognized the great potential of Visa’s investments in technology, including generative AI, projecting a massive $255 trillion opportunity.

Visa’s stock has experienced significant growth, with over a 22% increase in the past 12 months. Investors looking to gain exposure to Visa’s success can consider investing through Litman Gregory Funds Trust Polen Capital Global Growth ETF (PCGG) and iShares U.S. Financial Services ETF (IYG).

Visa continues to pave the way for transformation in the e-commerce landscape, ensuring secure, efficient, and personalized transactions for consumers and retailers alike. With its innovative technology, Visa remains at the forefront of the industry, poised to shape the future of online shopping.

Visa Inc(V)发布了一项旨在彻底改变电子商务行业的创新技术。这项新技术将使零售商能够访问更详细的顾客偏好信息,利用他们的购物历史。通过使用Visa专有的令牌安全传输这些数据,该令牌保护消费者的银行信息和商家之间的连接,Visa确保了最高级别的数据保护。

在旧金山最近的一次技术会议上,Visa首席执行官Ryan McInerney强调了令牌技术对消费者交易的影响。尽管许多消费者可能对技术本身不熟悉,但他们已经体验到了它的好处,因为它使交易更加顺畅和高效。


此外,Visa正在推出一种类似于苹果公司的Apple Pay的面部识别支付系统,可在所有浏览器和移动设备上使用。这个支付系统旨在进一步简化交易过程,确保流畅的支付体验。

为了简化美国消费者的支付流程,Visa已经与Affirm Holdings Inc(AFRM)合作,推出了一个多种支付方式的单一凭证。这项在亚洲已经很受欢迎的成功举措,允许银行在消费者的账户中添加新产品,而不需要新的账户号码或额外的卡片。


Visa的股票经历了显著增长,过去12个月增长了超过22%。希望分享Visa成功的投资者可以考虑通过Litman Gregory Funds Trust Polen Capital Global Growth ETF(PCGG)和iShares U.S. Financial Services ETF(IYG)进行投资。


Key Terms:

1. Tokens(令牌)- Visa’s proprietary technology that safeguards the connection between consumers’ bank information and merchants, ensuring data protection.

2. AI-driven interactions(AI驱动的互动)- The utilization of artificial intelligence to enhance interactions and experiences for customers.

3. Facial recognition payment system(面部识别支付系统)- A payment system that uses facial recognition technology to streamline and simplify the transaction process.

4. Affirm Holdings Inc(AFRM)- A company that Visa has partnered with to introduce a single credential for multiple payment methods.

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