Apple AirTag: Protecting Users from Unwanted Tracking

New iOS Update to Introduce Anti-Stalking Features

Apple AirTags and similar tracking devices have become popular tools for locating lost items. However, they have also raised concerns about privacy and unwanted tracking. In response to these issues, Apple is set to release the iOS 17.5 update with new features in its Find My app to combat stalking and disable unauthorized tracking devices.

Since the launch of AirTags in 2021, reports of stalking incidents have been on the rise. In collaboration with Google, Apple announced a joint effort to tackle this problem and prevent the misuse of Bluetooth tracking devices. The upcoming iOS 17.5 release may finally bring these long-awaited security measures to fruition.

According to reports from 9to5Mac, the internal code of the iOS 17.5 beta contains strings indicating the presence of new anti-stalking features. These features will allow users to disable uncertified devices on the Apple Find My network, preventing them from sharing their location with anyone other than the owner. The process will involve following instructions provided by the manufacturer on a dedicated website.

While these security features are not active in the beta version yet, they suggest that Apple is taking significant steps towards addressing the issue of unwanted tracking. As WWDC 2024 approaches, there is anticipation that the iOS 17.5 release will include more updates related to security, building upon the collaboration between Apple and Google.

By implementing these additions, Apple aims to alleviate concerns around stalking and ensure the safety of iPhone users in the face of evolving tracking technologies. Users will have greater control over their privacy and be able to protect themselves from potential harm.

As we wait for the official release of iOS 17.5, it remains to be seen how effective these new anti-stalking features will be. However, it is clear that Apple’s commitment to user privacy and security continues to drive innovation in the realm of tracking device technology.

(Note: Original article source – iMore)


1. 有关什么问题引起了这次iOS 17.5更新?

这次iOS 17.5更新是为了解决使用Apple AirTags等跟踪设备时出现的隐私和不必要的跟踪问题。

2. Apple是否与谷歌合作来解决这个问题?


3. 计划在新更新中添加哪些反跟踪功能?

根据9to5Mac的报道,iOS 17.5测试版代码中的字符串表明了新的反跟踪功能的存在。这些功能将允许用户禁用未经认证的设备,防止它们与除所有者以外的任何人共享位置。

4. 用户将如何禁用未经认证的跟踪设备?


5. 这些安全功能在测试版中是否已激活?


6. 苹果公司的目标是什么?


7. 官方发布iOS 17.5之前,我们还不知道这些新的反跟踪功能的效果如何,但很明显,苹果公司对用户的隐私和安全的承诺依然推动着跟踪设备技术的创新。


– Apple AirTags: 一种由苹果公司推出的用于定位丢失物品的设备。
– 跟踪设备: 用于定位和跟踪物品或个人位置的设备,如AirTags。
– 隐私: 个人信息的保护和控制,防止其被未经授权的访问或利用。
– 反跟踪: 通过禁用或限制未经授权的设备,防止其获取和共享用户位置信息的功能。
– iOS 17.5: 这是苹果公司即将推出的iOS操作系统的一个版本,其中包含了反跟踪功能。
– Find My app: 苹果公司的一个应用程序,用于定位和帮助找回丢失的设备。