According to a report by 404 Media, Apple has taken action to remove a category of artificial intelligence apps that promised to create “nonconsensual nude images”. The apps were originally using Meta’s Instagram platform to advertise and offer sexually explicit images for free. However, they redirected users to the App Store upon clicking the ads.

This move by Apple reflects the ongoing battle between technology companies and the proliferation of unwanted AI content. In March, a Microsoft employee disclosed that the company’s Copilot Designer image generator was producing violent and sexual imagery without appropriate intervention. To address this issue, Microsoft eventually blocked the prompts responsible for creating such graphic images.

Similarly, Google encountered a setback with its AI tool Gemini in February. The AI-generated images it produced exhibited race accuracy issues, prompting Google to temporarily pause its use. Google CEO Sundar Pichai acknowledged this problem, describing the results as “completely unacceptable” in an internal memo. This incident highlights the risks associated with AI-generated content and the need for corrective measures.

Deepfake images became a nationwide concern earlier this year when social media network X blocked searches for Taylor Swift due to the spread of explicit AI-generated images featuring her. The White House expressed alarm at the dissemination of fraudulent photos and called upon Congress to enact legislation to address the issue.

Apple’s decision to remove these apps underscores the company’s commitment to maintaining a safe and responsible digital ecosystem. By taking action against the promotion of nonconsensual nude images, Apple sets an example for other tech giants to prioritize user protection and combat the misuse of AI technology.

根据404 Media的一份报告,苹果已经采取行动,移除了一类承诺创建“非自愿裸体图像”的人工智能应用程序。这些应用最初使用Meta的Instagram平台来广告和提供免费的性暗示图片。然而,它们在点击广告后将用户重定向到应用商店。

苹果此举反映了科技公司与不受欢迎的人工智能内容广泛蔓延之间的持续斗争。在三月份,微软一名员工透露该公司的Copilot Designer图像生成器未经适当干预就会产生暴力和性别图像。为了解决这个问题,微软最终阻止了产生这些图像的提示。





1. 404 Media:404 Media是一家媒体公司,提供技术和科技相关的新闻报道和分析。
2. 人工智能应用程序:指运用人工智能技术和算法进行数据处理、模式识别、决策等功能的软件程序。
3. Meta:Meta是一个科技公司,前身是Facebook,专注于增强现实和虚拟现实技术。
4. Copilot Designer:Copilot Designer是微软开发的图像生成器,利用人工智能技术自动生成图像。
5. AI生成的图像:指通过人工智能技术生成的图像,通常是由算法和模型生成的。
6. 深度伪造图像:指利用人工智能技术生成的逼真的伪造图像,常用于虚构性的内容和欺骗。
7. 泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift):美国著名女歌手和词曲创作人,全球知名度很高。
8. 谷歌(Google):美国的科技公司,提供互联网搜索引擎等服务。
9. Sundar Pichai:桑达尔·皮查伊,印度裔美国商业高管,现任谷歌公司的首席执行官。
10. Gemini:Gemini是谷歌开发的一种人工智能工具,用于生成图像。