Apple’s iMessage: A Secure Messaging App that Continues to Thrive

Apple’s iMessage has long been beloved by users in the United States for its rich features and robust security. However, the European regulators have taken a different stance on the popular messaging service. They raised concerns regarding its compatibility with other messaging apps and launched an investigation to determine if iMessage qualified as a “core platform service.”

After an extensive five-month investigation, the European Commission recently announced that iMessage does not meet the criteria of a gatekeeper service. This outcome comes as a relief to Apple and Microsoft, as both companies were cleared of having their respective services, such as Bing, Edge, and Microsoft Advertising, designated as gatekeepers.

While Apple won’t be required to open up iMessage to outside services, the tech giant has shown its commitment to cross-platform communication by announcing support for the RCS messaging standard. This move ensures that Apple users can engage in seamless communication with users of other messaging apps.

Unfortunately for Android users, the notorious “green bubbles” associated with iMessage will still be a feature exclusive to iPhone users. However, the difference now is that these messages sent using RCS will replace the traditional SMS format.

Apart from the challenges posed by European regulators, Apple has faced other legal battles in recent months. The ongoing case with Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, continues to make headlines. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has publicly criticized Apple’s tactics, describing them as “hot garbage” and accusing the tech giant of engaging in malicious compliance.

Despite these challenges, Apple’s commitment to providing a secure and feature-rich messaging experience remains unwavering. While the investigation by European regulators may not have resulted in the outcome they desired, iMessage continues to thrive as a preferred choice for communication among iPhone users around the world.


经过为期五个月的广泛调查,欧洲委员会最近宣布,iMessage不符合门控服务的标准。这一结果使苹果和微软松了一口气,因为两家公司都被认定为没有将它们各自的服务(如Bing、Edge和Microsoft Advertising)指定为门控服务。



除了欧洲监管机构提出的挑战,苹果近几个月还面临着其他法律争端。与《堡垒之夜》开发商Epic Games之间的持续纠纷仍然登上头条。Epic首席执行官蒂姆·斯威尼公开批评了苹果的策略,称其为”恶劣的合规行为”,并指责这家科技巨头从事恶意合规行为。


– iMessage:苹果的即时通讯服务,为iPhone用户提供丰富的功能和安全性。
– 消息应用:指各种移动设备上用于发送和接收消息的应用程序。
– 兼容性:指不同系统或应用之间能够顺利运行或互相适配的能力。
– RCS消息标准:RCS代表”Rich Communication Services”,是一种新的消息传递标准,可以提供更丰富的多媒体功能和更高的交互性。


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