Apple’s iMessage Escapes EU Regulation, Losing Its Cool Factor

After years of being seen as an exclusive messaging service for Apple users, iMessage has recently been deemed unworthy of regulation by the European Commission. In a surprising move, iMessage, alongside Microsoft’s Bing and Edge, was not classified as a “gatekeeper service” of significant importance. The decision came as a blow to those who once viewed iMessage as a status symbol.

The European Commission clarified its stance, stating that iMessage, Bing, Edge, and Microsoft Advertising did not meet the criteria for being considered gatekeeper services. However, the Commission will continue to monitor these services in case any significant changes occur in the future.

Apple, on the other hand, sees this decision as a positive outcome and expressed its support for the Commission’s ruling. It’s worth noting that Apple is still facing other claims of being a gatekeeper in relation to its iOS, App Store, and Safari.

While iMessage may have escaped regulation, it appears to have lost its cool factor. The once-treasured blue bubbles, which were synonymous with iPhones, no longer hold the same significance they once did. In fact, their uniqueness is fading as RCS compatibility begins to enable Android users to easily message iPhone owners.

Apple’s decision to allow RCS compatibility between Androids and iPhones means that users of both platforms can now exchange emoji reactions and message receipts. Nevertheless, iMessage will remain a closed system, and the blue bubbles, though still distinct, are no longer as exclusive as they used to be.

In conclusion, the EU Commission’s classification of iMessage as a non-gatekeeper service may have diminished its significance in the eyes of consumers. While it was once a symbol of status and exclusivity, iMessage’s cool factor has waned in the face of changing technological landscapes.


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1. Gatekeeper服务:指那些在数字市场中具有关键地位和影响力的服务。


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