Shoppers Save Hundreds on MacBook Pro with Clever Method

Tech enthusiasts in search of a MacBook Pro deal have found a way to save a massive £410 on the popular laptop by bypassing Apple and exploring alternative options. The Manchester Evening News reports that a surprising retailer is offering the 13.3-inch model for just £189. Apple’s flagship computing range, which includes the MacBook Air and Mac Mini, typically comes with a steep price tag when purchased directly from the company or traditional tech retailers like Currys. Even second-hand tech sites have high prices for these devices, with the 13.3-inch 2019 MacBook Pro model priced at £599 on Back Market.

To take advantage of this incredible deal, consumers have flocked to Wowcher, where over 1,700 customers have already purchased the 2012 model at the discounted price. The demand for the MacBook Pro has been so high that the largest 8GB model with 1TB of storage and an i7 processor has quickly sold out. However, there are still plenty of the £189 models (4GB model with a 250GB hard drive) and £229 models (8GB model with a 250GB hard drive) available.

While these laptops may have some wear and tear due to being refurbished, they still offer exceptional value and performance. Wowcher classifies them as ‘good’ refurbished, and any minor exterior marks do not affect the functionality of the device. With up to seven hours of battery life, an LED-backlit display, and ample storage, these MacBook Pros provide an excellent user experience for Apple fans.

In recent years, the demand for refurbished technology has surged as consumers look for high-quality pre-owned items at more affordable prices. This trend is particularly evident with high-end devices like Apple MacBooks and iPhones, as well as products from Samsung and Google. Budget-conscious consumers are increasingly opting for slightly older models that have been discarded by those who constantly upgrade to the latest versions.

For those who prefer a brand new device, Sky is offering a 2024 model MacBook Air 13-inch M3 as part of their data plan. Members have the option to upgrade to a new device after 24 months without any additional cost. Additionally, Wowcher has also attracted thousands of shoppers with their offer of a refurbished Apple iPad for just £69, which sold out quickly. Samsung’s “as good as new” site is another alternative for those interested in pre-loved tech, as they offer highly-rated smartphones at significant discounts, competing directly with Apple.

寻找MacBook Pro交易的科技爱好者已找到了一个绕过Apple并探索替代选择的方法,可以为这款热门笔记本节省高达410英镑。 《Manchester Evening News》报道称,一家令人惊讶的零售商仅售189英镑的13.3英寸型号。苹果的旗舰电脑系列,包括MacBook Air和Mac Mini,在直接从公司或传统科技零售商如Currys购买时,通常价格高昂。即使是二手科技网站对这些设备的售价也很高,Back Market上的2019年13.3英寸MacBook Pro型号定价为599英镑。

为了利用这个令人难以置信的交易,消费者纷纷涌向Wowcher,这里已有超过1700名顾客以优惠价格购买了这款2012型号。MacBook Pro的需求非常高,以至于售罄了最大的8GB型号,配备1TB存储和i7处理器。但是,还有大量189英镑(4GB型号,带250GB硬盘驱动器)和229英镑(8GB型号,带250GB硬盘驱动器)的型号可供选择。

尽管这些笔记本电脑可能由于翻新而有些磨损,但它们仍然提供卓越的性价比和性能。Wowcher将它们归类为“好”的翻新设备,任何轻微的外部痕迹都不会影响设备的功能。这些MacBook Pro具备长达七个小时的电池续航时间、LED背光显示屏和充足的存储空间,为苹果粉丝提供了出色的用户体验。


对于那些更喜欢全新设备的人,Sky提供了2024款MacBook Air 13英寸M3作为其数据计划的一部分。会员在24个月后有权升级到新设备,无需额外费用。此外,Wowcher还以仅售69英镑的翻新苹果iPad吸引了成千上万的购物者,该款产品迅速售罄。三星的“几乎全新”网站也是对那些对二手科技感兴趣的人的另一种选择,他们以较大折扣提供备受好评的智能手机,与苹果直接竞争。