Apple Faces Challenges as iPhone Sales Decline in China

Apple’s iPhone sales in China continue to decline, raising concerns about the company’s future in the region. According to a report from JP Morgan, the decline in iPhone sales is happening at an accelerating rate. While this may seem worrying, there is a silver lining for Apple.

JP Morgan suggests that Apple’s services, such as Apple TV+ and iCloud, may be able to offset the decline in iPhone sales. They predict that by focusing on these services, Apple could generate more revenue and eventually recover from the decline in smartphone sales in China.

Analysts from JP Morgan also highlight the long-term potential for recovery. They believe that Apple’s service offerings will play a significant role in bolstering the company’s income amidst declining hardware sales. Although the exact timeline for China’s smartphone market recovery remains uncertain, JP Morgan maintains its confidence in Apple’s resilience by maintaining its price target of $215 for Apple stock.

It is worth noting that lower shipments to China are expected to impact Apple’s overall iPhone shipments for 2024. Analysts suggest that this is partly due to reduced shipments to China, where consumers are showing a preference for smartphones with generative AI features and foldable designs. Furthermore, strong competition from local brands like Huawei poses additional challenges to Apple’s market share in China.

Despite these challenges, industry analysts believe that Apple has the potential to recover in China. While the company faces intense competition and shifting consumer preferences, its focus on services and upcoming product releases offers hope for a turnaround.

In conclusion, Apple’s declining iPhone sales in China present a challenge for the company, but its services and long-term potential for recovery provide optimism in the face of these challenges.


摩根大通提出,苹果的服务,如Apple TV+和iCloud,有可能抵消iPhone销售下滑的影响。他们预测,通过专注于这些服务,苹果可以增加更多收入,并最终从中国智能手机销售下滑中恢复过来。





1. 服务业务 (services): 指苹果提供的Apple TV+和iCloud等服务。
2. 智能手机 (smartphone): 一种能够执行多种计算机功能的移动电话。
3. 物流 (shipments): 产品的运输和配送过程。