Apple Leads in AI Startup Acquisitions as Tech Giants Compete for Talent

In a bid to stay ahead in the fast-paced tech industry, Apple has taken the lead by acquiring the highest number of AI startups among its peers. The American technology giant has purchased a total of 32 AI startups by 2023, demonstrating its commitment to investing in emerging technologies.

While Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, has emphasized the company’s focus on AI research, he has not revealed specific details about new developments. Nevertheless, this spree of acquisitions indicates that Apple is determined to secure top-tier talent and innovative technologies in crucial AI domains.

Rivaling Apple in the race for AI acquisitions is Google, which has acquired 21 startups in the field. The search engine giant’s Gemini AI tool allows users to type, talk, and even add images on the go. Following closely behind is Meta, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, with 19 startup acquisitions. Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates, has invested in 17 startups, while e-commerce giant Amazon has purchased 10 AI startups.

Apple’s strategy of targeting early-stage startups allows the company to invest in emerging trends and gain a competitive edge before they become mainstream. While competitors like Google and Samsung have launched their own AI technologies, Apple has focused on software upgrades and enhancing hardware through the use of AI and machine learning.

This approach has allowed Apple to continuously improve the functionality of Siri, its virtual assistant deployed on its devices. In 2020, Apple acquired Voysis, an AI startup specializing in natural language understanding, with the aim of enhancing Siri’s capabilities in understanding and interpreting human speech.

By acquiring promising AI startups, Apple not only gains access to valuable talent but also consolidates its position in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. This strategy ensures that Apple remains at the forefront of the AI revolution and continues to deliver innovative products and services to its customers.



在人工智能收购竞赛中与苹果公司展开竞争的是谷歌,该公司已在该领域收购了21家初创公司。这家搜索引擎巨头的Gemini AI工具允许用户随时随地进行打字、语音交流甚至添加图片。紧随其后的是马克·扎克伯格拥有的Meta公司,该公司已收购了19家初创公司。由比尔·盖茨创立的微软公司投资了17家初创公司,而电商巨头亚马逊则收购了10家人工智能初创公司。





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