Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 face ‘ghost touch’ issue: Report

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 have been the latest additions to the brand’s lineup of smartwatches. Launched alongside the iPhone 15 series last year, these smartwatches have garnered positive feedback from customers. However, recent reports suggest that some users have encountered a concerning issue with these devices.

According to a memo observed by Apple Authorized Service Providers, Apple is aware of a potential ‘ghost touch’ problem affecting certain Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models. This issue refers to false touches on the display, which users have dubbed as “ghost touches.” Apple is reportedly investigating the matter to determine its cause and find a suitable solution.

In addition to the ‘ghost touch’ problem, users have also reported other issues with their Apple Watches. Some users claim that their watches are behaving erratically, with random jumps and actions occurring without any user input. This may even extend to the device auto-dialing contacts and prompting users for a passcode to unlock it.

To address these concerns, Apple recommends keeping the software up to date and expects that a forthcoming WatchOS update will resolve the issues. However, the timeline for this update remains unclear. Apple has advised its repair partners to refrain from addressing these issues until the investigation is complete.

While it is uncertain how widespread this problem is, affected users can expect Apple to provide a solution in the near future. In the meantime, it is crucial for Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 owners to keep an eye out for any official updates from Apple regarding this issue.

近期加入苹果智能手表系列的Apple Watch Series 9和Ultra 2备受用户欢迎。然而,最近的报告表明,一些用户在使用这些设备时遇到了一个令人担忧的问题。

根据Apple授权服务提供商观察到的备忘录,Apple意识到部分Apple Watch Series 9和Ultra 2型号可能存在潜在的“幽灵触摸”问题。这个问题指的是显示屏上出现的错误触摸,用户称之为“幽灵触摸”。据报道,Apple正在调查此问题,以确定其原因并找到合适的解决方案。

除了“幽灵触摸”问题,用户还报告了其他关于他们的Apple Watch的问题。一些用户声称他们的手表行为不稳定,会出现随机跳跃和操作,而没有任何用户输入。甚至可能出现设备自动拨打联系人号码并提示用户输入密码进行解锁。


虽然这个问题有多广泛还不确定,但受影响的用户可以期待Apple在不久的将来提供解决方案。同时,Apple Watch Series 9和Ultra 2的机主们要密切关注Apple关于此问题的官方更新。

Key terms/definitions:
– Apple Watch Series 9: 苹果智能手表系列第9代
– Ultra 2: Ultra 2型号
– ghost touch: 幽灵触摸,指显示屏上出现的错误触摸
– WatchOS: Watch操作系统
– software update: 软件更新
– investigation: 调查
– repair partners: 维修合作伙伴

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