Government Awaits Apple’s Response on iPhone Alert

The government is still waiting for a clear reply from iPhone maker Apple regarding an iPhone alert sent to opposition political leaders around five months ago on alleged hacking of their devices by state-backed hackers. Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar revealed that the government had asked Apple two questions: whether their devices are safe and the reason for sending the alert to opposition members.

Chandrasekhar expressed his opinion that proprietary platforms are unlikely to acknowledge vulnerabilities in their platform. He stated that the answer to the question of whether the iPhones are vulnerable is not entirely clear-cut. While several opposition leaders claimed to have received an alert from Apple warning them of state-sponsored attackers trying to compromise their iPhones remotely, the Indian government does not have the capability to fully understand the iOS system and relies on CERT-In for investigation.

In response to allegations of privacy transgressions and restrictions on free speech, Chandrasekhar emphasized that the government has no intention of infringing upon the fundamental rights of citizens. He acknowledged that free speech is a right but emphasized that it comes with reasonable restrictions, such as not inciting violence or spreading false information.

Regarding the PIB Fact Check unit, which identifies misinformation related to the government, Chandrasekhar clarified that it is not a form of censorship, but rather a tool to support platforms that handle disputed government information. He noted that the government aims to have a lesser role as an arbiter in disputes between consumers and social media platforms, advocating for independent regulation and legal processes to resolve such conflicts.

The government remains committed to ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of the internet while protecting the fundamental rights of citizens. Chandrasekhar dismissed allegations that government actions are politically motivated, asserting that the government’s focus is on upholding the rights of every citizen.

政府仍然在等待iPhone制造商苹果对大约五个月前向反对派政治领导人发送的iPhone警报做出明确回复,该警报称他们的设备被政府支持的黑客攻击。电子和信息技术国务部长Rajeev Chandrasekhar透露,政府向苹果提出了两个问题:他们的设备是否安全,以及向反对派成员发送警报的原因。





– iPhone制造商苹果(Apple): 美国电子产品制造商,以其iPhone智能手机而闻名。
– 政府支持的黑客(state-backed hackers): 政府支持或与政府合作的黑客组织,通常从事网络攻击活动。
– 智能手机(iOS system):一种具备智能化功能的移动电话设备,iOS是苹果公司开发的操作系统。
– CERT-In: 印度计算机应急响应小组(CERT-In)是印度政府的信息技术安全组织,负责处理网络攻击和漏洞。