Meta Urges Advertisers to Explore Alternatives to Apple’s Ecosystem

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg continues to challenge Apple in a battle for supremacy in the tech industry. After critiquing Apple’s Vision Pro headset, Zuckerberg is now encouraging advertisers to boycott Apple’s iPhone, iOS, and App Store businesses.

The feud between the two giants took a new turn when Meta Platforms released guidelines advising advertisers to find ways to avoid Apple’s hefty 30% service fee. This fee particularly affects “boosted posts,” a popular advertising feature on Facebook and Instagram that generates significant revenue for Meta, especially from small businesses.

Starting later this month, Meta plans to impose an additional 30% surcharge on US advertisers who continue to purchase boosted posts through iPhone and iPad apps. Instead of covering these fees themselves, Meta intends to pass them on to consumers.

In response to Apple’s policy, Meta Platforms stated, “We are compelled to either adhere to Apple’s directives or remove boosted posts from our applications. We opt to retain the boosting feature to support small enterprises, ensuring their continued access to an effective promotional tool.”

To circumvent Apple’s service charge, Meta suggests that advertisers utilize the Facebook and Instagram websites via desktop or mobile web browsers instead of the applications.

In addition to the conflict surrounding boosted posts, tensions between Meta Platforms and Apple have escalated due to privacy modifications implemented by Apple in 2021. These changes are estimated to result in a $10 billion revenue loss for Meta in 2022. Furthermore, Mark Zuckerberg publicly criticized Apple’s recent initiatives, including the allowance of third-party app stores on mobile devices to comply with European regulations.

Zuckerberg’s criticisms gained momentum when he compared Apple’s Vision Pro headset to Meta’s Quest 3 device. In a video shared on his Instagram, Zuckerberg expressed disappointment with the Vision Pro’s high price, limited app selection, discomfort, and wired battery pack. He firmly believes that the Quest 3 offers superior functionality at a lower cost.

This ongoing battle between Meta and Apple showcases the fierce competition within the tech industry and the determination of both companies to dominate the market.

【文章摘要】Meta首席执行官马克·扎克伯格正在与苹果展开技术产业的霸主之争。此前,扎克伯格批评了苹果的Vision Pro头戴式显示器,现在他鼓励广告商抵制苹果的iPhone、iOS和App Store业务。



作为对苹果政策的回应,Meta Platforms表示:“我们被迫要么遵守苹果的指令,要么将推广帖从我们的应用程序中删除。我们选择保留推广特色,以支持小型企业,确保他们持续访问一个有效的宣传工具。”


除了与推广帖相关的冲突外,Meta Platforms和苹果之间的紧张局势还因苹果在2021年实施的隐私修改而升级。据估计,这些修改将导致Meta在2022年损失100亿美元的营收。此外,马克·扎克伯格还公开批评了苹果的最新举措,包括允许第三方应用商店在移动设备上以遵守欧洲法规。

扎克伯格对苹果的批评在他将Vision Pro头戴式显示器与Meta的Quest 3设备进行比较时达到了高潮。在他在Instagram上分享的一个视频中,扎克伯格对Vision Pro的高价、有限的应用选择、不舒适和有线电池包表示失望。他坚信Quest 3在功能上更胜一筹,而且价格更低。


1. Meta Platforms: Meta Platforms是社交媒体公司Facebook的母公司。
2. Boosted posts:在Facebook和Instagram上使用的一种广告特色,可以提升帖子的曝光度,从而增加收入。
3. Service fee:服务费,即广告商为使用苹果的服务而支付的费用。

1. Meta官方网站:Meta的官方网站,提供有关该公司的更多信息。
2. Apple官方网站:苹果的官方网站,了解苹果的产品和服务。