Apple Senior Designer Bart Andre Retires After 32 Years

One of the key players in Apple’s design team, Bart Andre, has decided to retire after an impressive 32-year career with the company. Andre, who was an industrial designer and an integral part of Jony Ive’s team, has been instrumental in the creation of some of Apple’s most iconic products.

Although the departure of senior designers from Apple has been on the rise recently, Andre’s retirement comes as a surprise. Unlike some of his colleagues, who have chosen to pursue new opportunities elsewhere, Andre has made it clear that he is stepping down from his position without any intentions of joining another company.

The reasons behind this mass exodus of senior designers from Apple remain unclear. However, reports suggest that there may have been disagreements and differences in ideas amongst the design team, now that a new setup is in place. Additionally, it is possible that Apple sees this as an opportunity to bring in fresh perspectives and ideas, while also potentially saving on costs.

Since Jony Ive’s departure from Apple in 2019, the company has been actively reevaluating its design strategy and adapting to the evolving trends and demands of the industry. While retaining some members who worked closely with Ive, Apple is also looking towards the future by exploring collaborations with innovative startups and ventures.

Speaking of collaborations, Jony Ive himself has embarked on a new journey. He has started his own premium design firm, LoveFrom, and is reportedly in talks with OpenAI to develop a hardware product. This product would leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence technology, to deliver a unique and compelling experience to consumers.

As Apple bids farewell to Bart Andre and the other departing senior designers, it is clear that the company is undergoing a transformation. With each new departure, Apple makes way for fresh talent and ideas, ensuring that their products continue to captivate and meet the demands of their ever-evolving customer base.

苹果设计团队的重要成员之一Bart Andre决定退休,他曾在该公司担任32年成功的职业生涯。作为一名工业设计师和乔纳森·艾维团队的核心成员,Andre对于苹果一些标志性产品的创造起到了关键作用。





随着苹果告别Bart Andre和其他离职的高级设计师,公司正在经历着转型。每次有新的离职,苹果为新的人才和观念让路,确保他们的产品能够继续吸引并满足不断变化的客户群体的需求。

1. Industrial designer – 工业设计师
2. Iconic products – 标志性产品
3. Senior designers – 高级设计师
4. Design team – 设计团队
5. Design strategy – 设计战略
6. Artificial intelligence – 人工智能