Mark Zuckerberg: Quest 3 is the Superior Product, Says Facebook Co-founder

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg recently shared his thoughts on Apple’s Vision Pro headset, joining a list of tech CEOs who have publicly commented on the device. In a video posted by Zuckerberg, he compared Apple’s mixed reality headset with his company’s own Quest 3 headset.

Asserting the superiority of Quest 3, Zuckerberg stated, “I believe Quest is not only the better value, but also the better product overall.” He even filmed the clip using the Quest 3’s passthrough camera. During his review, he highlighted various key differences between the two devices, such as weight, field of view, flexibility of accessories, and price. While acknowledging Vision Pro’s superior entertainment capabilities, Zuckerberg emphasized Quest’s vast library of immersive content.

Interestingly, other tech CEOs have also expressed positive opinions about Apple’s Vision Pro. Google CEO Sundar Pichai, despite not having used or seen the product firsthand, expressed excitement about the potential of the technology showcased in the device. According to Pichai, computing will evolve beyond traditional black rectangles, offering more immersive experiences.

Similarly, Carl Pei, CEO of London-based company Nothing, initially made fun of the Vision Pro before changing his tune after its debut. Pei commended Apple for taking risks and iterating on new concepts, looking forward to even better iterations in the future.

Additionally, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, proclaimed the Vision Pro as the “second most impressive tech,” placing it just below Apple’s revolutionary iPhone. It’s worth noting that Apple’s products, particularly the iPhone, have consistently impressed top executives in the tech industry. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has previously praised iPhones for their significant impact on the technology landscape.

While different tech CEOs may have varying opinions on Apple’s Vision Pro, it is clear that the device has garnered attention and sparked discussions among industry leaders. As competition in the mixed reality headset market heats up, it remains to be seen how these products will evolve and shape the future of immersive technology.

Facebook联合创始人马克·扎克伯格最近在他发布的一个视频中评论了苹果的Vision Pro头戴设备,他加入了一系列公开评论该设备的科技公司CEO之列。扎克伯格在视频中将苹果的混合现实头盔与自家的Quest 3头盔进行了比较。

扎克伯格坚称Quest 3的卓越性,他说:“我相信Quest不仅是更好的价值选择,也是更优秀的产品。”他甚至使用了Quest 3的透视摄像头来拍摄这个视频。在评论中,他强调了这两款设备之间的各种关键差异,比如重量、视野范围、附件的灵活性和价格。尽管承认Vision Pro在娱乐功能上更出色,但扎克伯格强调了Quest拥有丰富的沉浸式内容库。

有趣的是,其他科技公司CEO也对苹果的Vision Pro表示了积极的看法。谷歌CEO桑达尔·皮查伊尽管没有亲自使用或见到过这款产品,但他对该设备展示的技术潜力表示了兴奋。皮查伊认为,计算将超越传统的黑色矩形,提供更多沉浸式体验。

类似地,位于伦敦的Nothing公司的CEO卡尔·佩伊在Vision Pro首次亮相后,起初嘲笑了这款设备,但在之后改变了观点。佩伊称赞苹果在冒险并迭代新概念方面做得很好,并期待未来会有更好的版本。

此外,OpenAI的CEO山姆·阿尔特曼将Vision Pro称为“第二令人印象深刻的科技产品”,仅次于苹果的革命性iPhone。值得注意的是,苹果的产品,特别是iPhone,一直以来都给科技行业的高管们留下了深刻的印象。微软CEO萨蒂亚·纳德拉曾赞扬iPhone对技术领域产生的重大影响。

虽然不同的科技公司CEO可能对苹果的Vision Pro持有不同的观点,但显然这款设备引起了行业领导者的关注并引发了讨论。随着混合现实头盔市场的竞争加剧,这些产品的演进以及对沉浸式技术未来的塑造,仍有待观察。

– Vision Pro头盔:苹果的混合现实头盔。
– Quest 3头盔:Facebook的虚拟现实头盔。
– Passthrough camera: 透视摄像头,头戴设备中的摄像头,允许用户通过透视图像查看周围环境。
– Immersive content: 沉浸式内容,提供身临其境体验的视听内容。