Cruise Appoints Steve Kenner as Chief Safety Officer for Robotaxi Unit

Cruise, the autonomous vehicle subsidiary of General Motors, has announced the appointment of Steve Kenner as its new chief safety officer. In this role, Kenner will oversee the safety management systems and operations of Cruise’s robotaxi unit.

With a career spanning over four decades in the auto and tech industries, Kenner brings a wealth of experience to his new position. He began his career at GM in 1978 and has held various roles, including global director of automotive safety at Ford. He has also worked at renowned companies such as Apple, Uber, Locomation, Chrysler, and Aurora.

The appointment of Kenner comes at a crucial time for Cruise. In October, a pedestrian accident involving a self-driving Cruise vehicle led to the suspension of the company’s driverless testing license by California authorities. Following the incident, Cruise conducted an internal investigation, which determined that mapping errors and incorrect identification of the collision were contributing factors. The company has since made software updates to improve safety.

Cruise’s commitment to safety governance is evident in its commissioning of a report from law firm Quinn Emanuel, which concluded that the company did not have any intention to mislead. Additionally, engineering firm Exponent conducted a separate technical review, identifying areas for improvement in the vehicle’s mapping and collision detection systems.

As part of its effort to enhance safety practices, Cruise aims to regain public trust and work closely with regulators. The company has been collaborating with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in their investigation into pedestrian risks associated with autonomous vehicles. Cruise is determined to make roadways safer and establish public confidence in the rapidly growing autonomous vehicle industry.

The appointment of Steve Kenner as chief safety officer reflects Cruise’s commitment to ensuring the highest safety standards as it continues its mission to develop and deploy safe, reliable, and efficient autonomous vehicles on public roads.

Cruise(Cruise是General Motors的自动驾驶汽车子公司)宣布任命Steve Kenner为新的首席安全官。在这个职位上,Kenner将负责管理Cruise的无人驾驶出租车部门的安全管理系统和运营。



Cruise对安全治理的承诺体现在其委托律师事务所Quinn Emanuel出具的一份报告中,该报告得出结论称公司没有任何故意误导的意图。此外,工程公司Exponent进行了单独的技术审查,确定了车辆地图和碰撞检测系统需要改进的领域。


任命Steve Kenner为首席安全官反映了Cruise确保最高安全标准的承诺,同时继续致力于开发和部署安全、可靠、高效的自动驾驶汽车。

Key Terms:

1. Autonomous Vehicle: 自动驾驶汽车
2. Safety management systems: 安全管理系统
3. Robotaxi: 无人驾驶出租车
4. Mapping errors: 地图错误
5. Collision detection systems: 碰撞检测系统
6. Public trust: 公众信任
7. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: 美国国家公路交通安全管理局

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