Introducing Best Buy Envision: A Revolutionary Shopping Experience for Apple Vision Pro Users

Best Buy is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking innovation that will redefine the way customers explore and embrace new technology in their homes. Introducing Best Buy Envision, an exclusive app designed for the Apple Vision Pro that revolutionizes the home technology shopping experience.

Utilizing the power of augmented reality (AR), the Best Buy Envision app allows users to visualize 3D models of their favorite products from Best Buy. By simply wearing the Apple Vision Pro, customers can now see and feel how a wide range of products, including big screen TVs, appliances, fitness equipment, and furniture, will fit and appear in their own living space before making a purchase.

Immerse yourself in the world of AR by putting on your Vision Pro, opening the Best Buy Envision app, and witnessing hundreds of digital images seamlessly blend into your physical environment. Scroll through the vast array of options and watch as these products appear right before your eyes.

Once you’ve found the perfect choice, the app provides convenient features such as product ratings, pricing details, and the ability to send the product to a friend via text or email. Alternatively, you can open the product page within the Vision Pro Safari app to effortlessly complete your purchase on

Brian Tilzer, the chief digital, analytics, and technology officer for Best Buy, expressed his excitement about the app, stating, “Best Buy Envision is a testament to our commitment to humanizing consumer electronics like never before. This app offers our customers an immersive and personalized shopping experience, allowing them to witness how technology will seamlessly integrate into their own homes.”

Best Buy Envision, meticulously designed by our talented team, is exclusively tailored for the Apple Vision Pro. It introduces a game-changing shopping experience that will elevate your interaction with technology and instill unwavering confidence in your decision to upgrade to a larger TV size.

Head to the Apple App Store now to download Best Buy Envision and embark on an extraordinary journey in home technology shopping.

贝斯买(Best Buy)很高兴宣布一项具有突破性创新的产品,将重新定义用户在家中探索和拥抱新技术的方式。这就是贝斯买视觉(Best Buy Envision),一款专为Apple Vision Pro设计的独家应用程序,它将彻底改变家庭科技购物体验。

贝斯买视觉应用程序利用增强现实(AR)技术,让用户可以在Apple Vision Pro上可视化贝斯买的各种产品的3D模型。顾客只需简单地戴上Apple Vision Pro,就能够在购买前看到和感受到各种产品,包括大屏电视、家电、健身设备和家具,在自己的生活空间中的适应性和外观如何。

通过戴上你的Vision Pro,打开贝斯买视觉应用程序,在你的物理环境中无缝地混合上数百张数字图像,将自己沉浸在增强现实的世界中。滚动浏览各种选项,观察这些产品如何在你眼前呈现。

一旦你找到了完美的选择,该应用程序还提供便利的功能,如产品评级、定价细节,以及通过短信或电子邮件将产品发送给朋友的功能。或者,你可以在Vision Pro Safari应用程序中打开产品页面,轻松完成在BestBuy.com上的购买。

贝斯买公司的首席数字、分析和技术官员布莱恩·蒂尔泽(Brian Tilzer)对该应用程序表示兴奋,他说:“贝斯买视觉是我们致力于前所未有地人性化消费电子产品的一个体现。这款应用程序为我们的顾客提供了沉浸式和个性化的购物体验,让他们体验到科技如何融入自己的家中。”

贝斯买视觉是我们才华横溢的团队精心设计的,专为Apple Vision Pro量身定制。它引入了一种改变游戏规则的购物体验,将提升你与科技的互动,并使你对升级到更大尺寸的电视机的决策充满信心。


Key terms:
1. 贝斯买(Best Buy) – 美国一家消费电子产品零售公司
2. Apple Vision Pro – Apple公司推出的眼镜式增强现实设备
3. 增强现实(AR) – 一种技术,通过在现实世界中叠加数字图像或信息,将虚拟与现实结合起来
4. 3D模型 – 三维数字模型,通过计算机生成的具有立体感的物体模型
5. 定价细节 – 产品的价格详细信息
6. 评级 – 产品的评分或评价

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