The European Union Takes Action Against Big Tech Giants

The European Union is taking steps to address concerns about the responsibilities of Big Tech companies towards the public. The EU’s antitrust chief, Margrethe Vestager, continues to prioritize the issue by favoring the dominant music streaming service in the EU and urging Apple to allow Spotify’s latest update.

Spotify’s iOS app includes a link to its website, allowing EU users to see different pricing options. Although previously blocked by Apple, this feature is now permitted under EU regulations. However, Spotify has complained that Apple is still obstructing the update.

Vestager, in an interview with CNBC, emphasized the importance of consumers having choices. She highlighted that users should be able to interact directly with their service providers and pay the price they’re asking for, without any additional surcharge imposed by Apple.

Contrary to popular belief, Spotify doesn’t pay a 30% fee for all its customers. The 30% fee applies only to the first year of a maintained subscription, and it reduces to 15% for subscribers held for over a year. Nonetheless, Spotify has been emphasizing this 30% fee in various blog posts and court filings.

Vestager stressed the high priority of compelling Apple to comply with the EU regulations, and she emphasized ongoing investigations into this matter. She also expressed concerns about the compliance of other Big Tech firms, including Google and Meta, stating that the EU suspects these companies of not fulfilling their obligations.

Addressing the accusations of smartphone monopolies, Vestager clarified that the EU’s focus is on European markets and that she is not involved in the DOJ case in the United States. Regarding smartphones, Vestager pointed out that high-end and affordable phones operate in separate markets, and it is crucial to consider these distinctions.

Vestager also discussed the risks of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly during the election year. She highlighted the need for AI providers to be cautious and ensure the detection and management of artificial content and deep fakes to protect the integrity of elections.

In March 2024, the EU initiated multiple investigations into potential violations of the Digital Markets Act by Apple, Google, and Meta. These actions reflect the EU’s determination to ensure that Big Tech companies fulfill their obligations and maintain fair competition within the digital markets.

欧盟正采取措施解决人们对大型科技公司责任的关切。欧盟的反垄断主管玛格丽特·维斯塔格(Margrethe Vestager)继续优先处理该问题,她支持欧盟内占据主导地位的音乐流媒体服务,并敦促苹果允许Spotify的最新更新。








Key Terms/Definitions:
1. Big Tech companies: 大型科技公司
2. Antitrust: 反垄断
3. Dominant music streaming service: 占主导地位的音乐流媒体服务
4. iOS app: iOS应用程序
5. EU regulations: 欧盟法规
6. Surcharge: 附加费
7. Blog posts: 博客文章
8. Court filings: 法庭文件
9. Digital Markets Act: 数字市场法
10. Fair competition: 公平竞争

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